Australian TowncriersBell

The Official Contact for the Ancient and Honourable Guild of Australian Town Criers

Towncrier Bell

  Our Guild was formed in 1989
and is still the original
Australian Guild

We have an active membership of both Male and Females covering all
states of Australia


Our Members need to be proclaimed by their local Council
to allow them to join our Guild.

They may carry out Ambassadorial and Ceremonial Roles,
for example
leading Parade’s, Australia Day Celebrations,
New Citizenship Ceremonies, Fund Raising,
Talking at Schools, Clubs etc on the Craft of Town Crying
and local Tourism Events.

A popular request is to have the Town Crier perform a Call to Order
to introduce the
Master of Ceremonies at a wide range of Events.

Criers are often used For Meeting and Greeting at various Events.